Apology Not Accepted
Season 2, Episode 10
First Aired March 19, 2007
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""New Year, New Friends""
""Everyone Falls""
Apology Not Accepted is the tenth episode of The Hills second season it aired on March 19, 2007


Heidi may not have surprised Lauren with Spencer's offer, but she's hell-bent on making sure Lauren has no idea about her birthday celebration. When Heidi and Audrina get together to go over the logistics, Heidi decides she'll pretend to bail on Lauren after a phone call from Spencer. Then, while she runs off to get everything sorted at the club, Audrina will swoop in and take Lauren to the surprise party. At Bolthouse, Jen pops in to talk to Heidi about her fight with Lauren. Hoping to get some info from Heidi, Jen asks if Lauren may be ready to talk out the Brody fiasco. But, Heidi continues to give Bunney the cold shoulder, wanting nothing to do with the situation. Although Jen argues that the whole fight has been blown out of proportion, Heidi shrugs off her pleas, saying she has too much work to do. While Lauren gets ready for the party, Heidi gets an 'emergency call' from Spencer and says she has to bolt. An angry Lauren tells Heidi to stop leaving her for Spencer -- especially on her birthday -- but Heidi keeps a straight face and heads out according to plan. As expected, Lauren calls Audrina, who offers to take her out. When Lauren shows up at the club, she's floored by the surprise. Lauren's even more excited when she spots Brody at her birthday. The two flirt all night, and when Brody brings up Jen Bunney, Lauren explains that they're not speaking. When he starts to apologize, Lauren swears it's not his fault, happily snuggling up to him for the rest of the night. The two later go out for lunch, where Bunney is brought up once again. Lauren confesses that Jen is no stranger to girl drama, having been tangled between friends and boys before. In fact, Jen even kissed Jason on the first night Lauren told her she was interested in the ex-bf. At home in the Villas, Lauren gets an unexpected visit from Jen. When the two finally sit down to talk things over, Jen starts making excuses and playing the martyr, saying that she never meant to hurt Lauren. But, Lauren snaps back at Jen's lackluster apology, telling Jen she knew full-well what she was doing. Given Jen's history, she feels she has every reason not to trust her once best friend. When Jen gives one final apology, Lauren doesn't seem moved by the gesture, saying there's nothing Jen can do to make it up to her. Showing Jen to the door, it looks as though Lauren may have just closed a fifteen-year friendship.