Everyone Falls
Season 2, Episode 11
Summain 2811
First Aired March 26, 2007
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""Apology Not Accepted""
""Goodbye For Now""
Everyone Falls is the eleventh episode of The Hills Season Two it aired on March 26, 2007


After putting in five years as an intern, Whitney's ready to rise to the next level in her career. When she talks to Lisa Love about her fashion plans post graduation, the editor explains that there's a spot open at Teen Vogue for a Fashion Contributor. But, although Whitney's put in her time and paid her dues, she faces heavy competition from some other Teen Vogue interns... namely super-intern, Emily. Spencer gets into a heated conversation with Heidi at his favorite restaurant, Don Antonio's. Bringing up his move-in proposal yet again, he can't quite understand why Heidi isn't ready to take the plunge. He's nonplussed when Heidi questions his loyalty, saying there can't be a repeat performance of the playboy incident. Over at Teen Vogue, Whitney and Lauren join New York intern, Emily, at the Good Morning America fitting. While the girls dress the models, picking out slides and passing around gowns, Whitney grabs the attention of Andre Leon Talley, Vogue Editor-At-Large. Gushing over Whitney's long legs and facial features, Talley tells the intern that she's missed her calling as a model. Saying Whitney has 'the look', he insists she model for the Good Morning America show. At Brody's condo, Heidi is frantically searching for her shoes so she can get to work. The missing shoes provide Spence with the perfect segue into the move-in conversation. Arguing that Lauren is ruining their relationship, Spencer tells Heidi that he's ready to get serious and eliminate the stresses. On the fashion front, Whitney gets dressed for the Good Morning America shoot, donning Hilary Swank's Oscar dress. But, as she makes her way down the stairs on live television, she trips and falls sideways in front of a national audience. Instead of running off mortified, Whitney sticks out the rest of the show wearing a smile, and as the cameras turn off, Andre Leon Talley tells her she was 'real'. Although Whitney's afraid she let Lisa Love down, her West Coast editor assures her that she was great on the show. In fact, Amy Astley, Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief, has written a letter and Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor-In-Chief, sent her stamp of approval via phone. Proud of Whitney's on-air recovery, Lisa Love decides to send her to New York for the Fashion Consultant interview. At Bolthouse, Heidi gets a call from Spencer telling her to meet him outside in the alley. Upset with the unresolved living situation, he says he's ready to go to the next level and get rid of Lauren. When she asks if he just wants to be single, Spence says he wouldn't ask her to move in if he was looking for an easy out. When she says 'no' one last time, he tells her to get out of his car.