New Year, New Friends
Season 2, Episode 10
First Aired March 12, 2007
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""Enough is Enough""
""Apology Not Accepted""
New Year, New Friends is the tenth episode of The Hills second season it aired on March 12, 2007


When Heidi and Spence head on a shopping trip, the two firm up their plans for the evening. While the two are planning on having a dinner out by themselves, Heidi wants to meet up with Lauren at Area for the countdown. Although Spencer says he's done with Heidi's 'best friend', Heidi argues that it's unfair for him to make her choose between them. But, Spence seems hell-bent on breaking the two apart, asking Heidi to move in with him. Although Heidi says she'd love to, she stands behind her commitment to live with Lauren. As Lauren, Heidi, and Audrina primp for New Years Eve at the salon, Lauren shares her hopes for a midnight kiss with a new boy she's found. Although he's not her normal type, she's excited about the change in pace. As Lauren and Audrina talk about a pizza and champagne pre-party, Heidi feels left out of the fun. At dinner, Spencer says he wants to forget the club and just take Heidi home. Bringing up the move-in offer yet again, Spence says he's tired of Lauren getting in the way of their relationship. Although Heidi says she'll be ready to move in down the line, she's trying to keep both her man and her best friend happy. During the pre-party, Lauren's friend Lo asks about Heidi's boyfriend. She's already heard that Spencer's bad news from the gossip mill, but Lauren and Audrina tell her to form her own opinion. When the group rocks in the new year at Area, Lauren snuggles up to her date. But while Lauren, Audrina, and Lo are having fun and sharing laughs, Heidi stands on the side with Spencer. But, when Lo comes up to Heidi and the two talk about Spencer, Heidi shares her possible move-in plans with the boyfriend. As the group heads out for the night, Heidi and Spence are left behind and Lauren hadn't even said goodbye. At Bolthouse, Heidi catches her co-worker up on the night before, saying she was disappointed that she didn't spend too much time with Lauren, who was pre-occupied with Audrina all night. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Whitney that she missed spending time with Heidi on the eve, saying she barely saw her best friend for more than two minutes. When Lauren and Lo go out to dinner, Lo says she's excited to be back in LA. The two are laughing it up over sushi until Lo drops the moving bomb on Lauren, explaining that Heidi had said Spencer asked her to move in with him. Lauren's left side-swiped by the info, having heard nothing about Heidi wanting out.