One Big Interruption
Season 2, Episode 5
First Aired February 12, 2007
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""Who Do You Trust?""
""You Have Chosen""
One Big Interruption is the fifth episode of The Hills second season it aired on February 12, 2007


At Teen Vogue, Lisa Love tells her interns that there's a dinner party to plan, and the New York intern, Emily, will be flying over to help. Meanwhile, at Bolthouse, Heidi takes a phone call from Spencer. When he asks why she hasn't returned his calls, Heidi reminds him about the night before and tells Spence she needs a week to clear her head. When Emily arrives at the office, she wastes no time in taking control over the intern room. Rattling off a long 'to-do' list, the New York super intern has mapped out a path to party planning success. In the car to the florist, the two talk about the chinoiserie-inspired event. When Lauren asks about the intern's life, Emily reveals a power-house schedule of 18 credits at NYU, two days at Teen Vogue, and a day at Chanel. Out for a girl's night, Lauren, Heidi and Jen go on a boy bashing binge. Lauren claims she's totally over Jason, only craving a boyfriend when she needs strong arms or help picking out electronics. When Spencer texts Heidi, the girls threaten to throw her sidekick away. Although they all agree he's not a nice guy, Heidi later admits to still missing her man and wanting to give him a second chance. On the night of the dinner party, the interns make the final touches on the table. Although Lauren thinks there may be too many flowers, Emily and the others give the presentation their stamp of approval. But, when Lisa walks in, she agrees that the flowers are too much, telling the girls to pull half of them out. Giving the final instructions, the boss tells Emily she's earned a seat at the table, but Lauren and Whitney are to go home for the night. Bummed about missing the evening, the two grab burgers. Meanwhile, at the Hillside Villas, a dressed up Heidi meets Spencer at his car. Despite all the warnings from her friends, it seems that Heidi is glutton for relationship punishment.