Season 1
Mtv the hills kausi 1 3 disc
Country of origin: United States
No. of episodes: 10
Original channel: MTV
Original run: May 31, 2006 – August 2, 2006
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"Season Two"
The first season of The Hills premiered on May 31, 2006 and concluded on August 2, 2006. It followed Lauren Conrad's move to Los Angeles after leaving Laguna Beach as she pursued her dream job.


Lauren's road to independence was documented shortly after leaving Laguna Beach and moving to Los Angeles with her then best friend, Heidi Montag. During her time in LA, Lauren spent her days balancing school at FIDM and working at Teen Vogue. Audrina Patridge became the girls' first close friend in LA, and always seemed to offer much advice to Heidi. After a hard day of work, Lauren received a shocking phone call from Jason Wahler. After much consideration, Lauren decided to give Jason a second chance. Meanwhile, Heidi confessed that school was not for her; she unofficially withdrew and began working for an event-planning firm, Bolthouse Productions. Heidi was also seen dating Jordan Eubanks, a relationship that grew strong but eventually ended due to his bad temper. Audrina struggled to find love but briefly dated Jason and Jordan's friend Brian Drolet. In the season finale, Lauren was offered a summer internship in Paris that she ultimately turned down so that she could spend the summer with Jason. Fellow intern, Whitney Port, was offered an internship in New York, but when the one in Paris opened up, Whitney immediately took the offer. Heidi confided to Audrina that she was completely over Jordan, and the two began spending their summer nights as single socialites


Cast member Notes
Main cast
Lauren Conrad Attends FIDM pursuing Fashion Design, interns for Teen Vogue.
Audrina Patridge Lauren and Heidi's new friend, works for Quixote Studios.
Whitney Port Lauren's close friend and co-worker at Teen Vogue.
Heidi Montag Lauren's best friend and roommate, works for Bolthouse Productions.
Supporting cast
Elodie Otto Heidi's co-worker at Bolthouse Productions.
Jen Bunney Lauren and Heidi's friend from Laguna Beach.
Jason Wahler Lauren's boyfriend from Laguna Beach.
Jordan Eubanks Heidi's boyfriend.
Brian Drolet Jordan's roommate, Audrina's brief love interest.
Lisa Love]] Senior editor for Teen Vogue, Lauren and Whitney's boss.
Brent Bolthouse Head event producer at Bolthouse Productions, Heidi's boss.

The main cast receives star billing in the opening credits, and are credited by their first name.


Episode title Directed by Original air date Prod.
1 1 "New City, New Drama Hisham Abed, Jason Sands May 31, 2006 101
19 year old Lauren has the opportunity of a lifetime: to move to L.A. with her best friend, Heidi, so they both can attend The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Lauren has an opportunity to interview for a killer internship at Teen Vogue. It all seems like a Fashionista's dream when Lauren gets the internship, they are both admitted to FIDM and one of Lauren's first assignments is to work a high-profile celebrity party. The only problem is that Heidi's immaturity makes Lauren think this move may have been a big mistake.
2 2 "A Change Of Plans" Jason Sands June 7, 2006 102
As Lauren begins to take school and her internship more seriously Heidi spends more time skipping class and when she gets an interview for her "dream job" she threatens to quit school for good if she gets hired.
3 3 "An Unexpected Call" Jason Sands May 31, 2006 103
Both Lauren and Heidi continue to move forward with their new jobs even though, at times, they don't like what they are asked to do. When Lauren comes home after a short trip to New York she gets an unexpected call from an old friend. Audrina looks for love.
4 4 "Lauren And Jason, Take Two" Jason Sands May 31, 2006 104
Lauren decides to start spending time with Jason but she's keeping her guard up. And still very unhappy with her job, Heidi is on the verge of quitting.
5 5 "Jason's Birthday" Hisham Abed, Jason Sands May 31, 2006 105
Lauren and Jason's relationship seems to be back in full swing but when Jason spends his entire birthday dinner ignoring her, Lauren thinks maybe she made a mistake taking him back.
6 6 "Boyfriends And Work Don't Mix" Jason Sands May 31, 2006 106
Heidi's spot at Bolthouse comes into conflict with her anniversary plans and Whitney lands on the runway for Teen Vogue.
7 7 "Somebody Always Has To Cry" Jason Sands May 31, 2006 107
Lauren's New Year's Eve plans go down the tubes when Jason gets jealous of a boy from her past.
8 8 "You Can't Just Be With Me?" Jason Sands May 31, 2006 108
Lauren and Whitney scope out male models for Teen Vogue and Jason plans a birthday surprise for Lauren.
9 9 "Love Is Not A Maybe Thing" Hisham Abed, Jason Sands May 31, 2006 109
Sick of the fighting, Heidi decides to end her relationship with Jordan.
10 10 "Timing Is Everything" Jason Sands May 31, 2006 110
When Lauren gets offered an internship in Paris, her summer plans with Jason are called into question. Audrina and Heidi decide to spend the summer partying.