Season 3
The hills
Country of origin: United States
No. of episodes: 28
Original channel: MTV
Original run: August 13, 2007 – May 12, 2008
Home video release
DVD release date: July 29, 2008
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The third seasonof The Hills premiered on August 13, 2007 and concluded on May 12, 2008. The season focused mostly on the feud between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, which arose from Lauren's suspicion that Heidi and Spencer Pratt were responsible for rumors that she starred in a sex tape with ex Jason Wahler. Filming the third season of The Hills began in mid-summer 2007 and lasted through April 2008.

Originally, it was to end on December 10, 2007 with a total of eighteen episodes. However, because of its success, MTV ordered 10 additional episodes to its season. The second half premiered on March 24, 2008 and concluded on May 12.


Lauren's feud with the newly engaged Heidi begun after she alleged that she and Spencer spread a rumor before she cuts all ties with her. At Teen Vogue, Whitney struggled with her new position as the Direct Supervisor to the interns after a break-up with a longtime boyfriend, and Lauren got a second chance with Lisa Love by being sent to Paris to assist with the Bal des Débutantes with Whitney by her side. After realizing that staying behind the scenes at Teen Vogue wasn't for her, Whitney got a new job working for the fashion PR firm, People's Revolution, and brought Lauren along with her. Lauren continued to stay close with her childhood friend, Lo Bosworth, and the two decided to buy a house together in Hollywood and invited Audrina to live with them, even though Lo felt uneasy about their decision. Additionally, Audrina spent more time with former flame, Justin, which made the situation in the house ever more uneasy. The two had a dramatic break-up but eventually reunited. Meanwhile, Heidi continued to climb the corporate ladder at Bolthouse Productions and struggled with her engagement to Spencer. The two went on a "relationship vacation", and Spencer consequently moved in with his sister, Stephanie, who managed to put herself in the midst of the 'Lauren vs Heidi' feud after befriending Lauren while taking a class at FIDM together. In the season finale, Heidi put her job at Bolthouse in jeopardy after going home with Spencer, who surprised her during a business trip to Las Vegas, and Audrina argued to Lauren that it was Lo who was pulling their friendship apart.


Cast member Notes
Main cast
Lauren Conrad Attends FIDM pursuing Fashion Design, interns for Teen Vogue.
Audrina Patridge Lauren's best friend, works for Epic Records.
Whitney Port Lauren's close friend and co-worker at Teen Vogue.
Heidi Montag Lauren's roommate, works for Bolthouse Productions.
Supporting cast
Lo Bosworth Lauren's best friend from Laguna Beach.
Spencer Pratt Heidi's boyfriend.
Brody Jenner Spencer's friend, Lauren's love interest.
Frankie Delgado Lauren and Brody's close friend.
Lisa Love Senior editor for Teen Vogue, Lauren and Whitney's boss.
Brent Bolthouse Head event producer at Bolthouse Productions, Heidi's boss.
Kelly Cutrone Head of People's Revolution, Lauren and Whitney's boss.
Elodie Otto Heidi's former co-worker from Bolthouse Productions.
Chiara Kramer Audrina's friend at co-worker at Epic Records.
Kimberly Brandon Heidi's friend and co-worker at Bolthouse Productions.

The main cast receives star billing in the opening credits, and are credited by their first name.


The season premiere averaged over 3.6 million viewers, up 44% from the season two premiere. The first half of season 3 made The Hills MTV's number one show and on cable among P12-34, reaching a total of 100 million viewers both online and on television. The second half, which premiered in March, was the highest rated cable telecast of the year among P12-34, with an average of 4.7 million viewers..


Episode title Directed by Original air date Prod.
23 1 "You Know What You Did" Hisham Abed, Jason Sands August 13, 2007 301
Heidi and Spencer settle into their new apartment whilst Lauren and Audrina settle as roommates. Lauren suspects that Heidi and Spencer were responsible for rumors of her and Jason having a sex tape. The former roommmates come to blows at Frankie's birthday party and their friendship is eventually over. Whitney gets a job at Teen Vogue.
24 2 "Big Girls Don't Cry" Jason Sands August 13, 2007 302
Lauren heads to Laguna Beach to get advice from her mother over her recent situation. Audrina meets up with a former fling, Justin. Spencer proposes to Heidi.
25 3 "Truth and Time Tells All" Jason Sands August 20, 2007 303
26 4 "Who Do You Trust?" Jason Sands August 27, 2007 304
27 5 "One Big Interruption" Hisham Abed, Jason Sands September 3, 2007 305
28 6 "You Have Chosen" Jason Sands September 10, 2007 306
29 7 "With Friends Like These..." Jason Sands September 17, 2007 307
30 8 "Enough is Enough" Jason Sands September 24, 2007 308
31 9 "New Year, New Friends" Hisham Abed, Jason Sands October 1, 2007 309
32 10 "Apology Not Accepted " Jason Sands October 15, 2007 310
33 11 "Everyone Falls" Jason Sands October 22, 2007 311
34 12 "Goodbye For Now" Jason Sands October 29, 2007 312