The Best Night Ever
Season 2, Episode 3
First Aired January 29, 2007
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""When You Least Expect It""
""Who Do You Trust?""
The Best Night Ever is the third episode of The Hills it aired on January 29, 2007


Over lunch, Brody asks Lauren about her past with Jason. Lauren shrugs off the topic, saying she was fed up with her ex's antics, and when she returns the question his way, Brody says he never stays single for long, having hopped between Kristin and Nicole to where he stands now. A self-admitted cuddle king, Brody admits to jumping into relationships quickly when he meets someone special. Working at Epic Records, Audrina confides in another intern about the Heidi situation. While Heidi may think something's brewing with her and Spencer, Audrina claims to have a clean slate, calling Spencer a pig. She decides to head to the party uninvited in a last-ditch effort to save their friendship. Getting glammed up for the night ahead, Heidi and Lauren spend a day at the salon. As the two cheers to 'The best night ever,' Heidi hopes Audrina will stay at home. At the club, Lauren serves her friend a huge cake complete with candles. As Heidi makes a wish, Spencer pushes Brody to start making moves on Lauren. Likewise, Heidi tells her best friend to take a risk and jump into things, even if she isn't completely over her breakup. When Audrina shows up at the club, Heidi opts to ignore her. While Lauren makes the move to say hello, Audrina has to chase Heidi down to say Happy Birthday. Trying to set things straight, Audrina brings up the awkwardness between them, but Heidi will have none of it on her birthday. The birthday princess shrugs the situation off, saying the two will talk about it later. When Jen Bunney makes a move to hash things out, Audrina ends up leaving in tears. Later at Teen Vogue, Audrina asks Lauren to lunch. Dragging Whitney along for the ride, the threesome meet for food and Audrina tries to draw an explanation out of Lauren. While she won't give much information on the situation with Heidi, the two agree that they can at least be friends. On another night at Area, Heidi and Lauren meet up with Spencer and Brody for drinks as Audrina looms in the background. As Audrina tells her friends she's sick of fighting, Spencer asks Heidi not to let the Audrina drama come between them. As the drama between Audrina and Heidi continues to heat up, sparks start flying with Lauren and Brody, who get considerably more comfortable at the club. Brody later takes her home to his bachelor pad, where he shows her his balcony and leads her into their first kiss.