Who Do You Trust?
Season 2, Episode 4
Summain 281
First Aired February 5, 2007
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""The Best Night Ever""
""One Big Interruption""
Who Do You Trust? is the fourth episode of The Hills second season it aired on February 5, 2007


Back at Bolthouse, Heidi asks Brent for vacation time to visit her mom. Making her way back to her desk, Heidi gets a call from a production assistant, Max, who warns that her dress might be inappropriate for work. Getting wind of Max's comments at lunch, Spencer swings into protective boyfriend mode, hoping to give Max a piece of his mind at the club. But, Spencer doesn't have to wait long to confront Max -- when the Bolthouse employee rolls up to the same restaurant for food, Spencer gets in his face. When Max calls the angry boyfriend a tool and walks away, Spencer tells him to walk in front of a car. At dinner with Audrina, Heidi explains why she's kept Audrina at an arm's length. Audrina sets the story straight with her side, assuring Heidi that Spencer's not her type. Sending up the caution flag, Audrina warns her friend to be careful of Spencer's shady behavior. Heading home for her mom's birthday, Heidi asks Lauren to look out for Spencer at the club. Hoping to get the real deal on her boyfriend, she wants to send Lauren in as a spy. When a crowd of blond playmates roll into Spencer's house that night, it looks as though Heidi's 'crazy jealous' feelings are warranted. As Spencer pinky swear confirms a naked picnic with a playmate and proposes marriage in Vegas to her friend, Heidi unexpectedly arrives at the club, having missed her plane. When Heidi's Bolthouse friend warns her about the bunnies with her boyfriend, she storms into the club. After talking to one of the blondes, Heidi is warned about Spencer yet again. Caught red handed, Spencer tries to smooth the situation with a hug, but Heidi says she doesn't care what he does. Grabbing Lauren, she tears out of the club. Spencer tries calling her later that evening, but Heidi refuses to talk to him. Lauren lays down the law while Heidi screams, "I'm so over you" in the background. But, when Lauren hangs up, it's clear that Heidi's heartbroken. Having been burned by a boy before, Lauren tells Heidi that they're too young to fall in love.