You Have Chosen
Season 2, Episode 6
First Aired February 19, 2007
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""One Big Interruption""
""With Friends Like These...""
You Have Chosen is the sixth episode of The Hills second season it aired on February 19, 2007


Hearing the news, Lauren can't keep her mouth shut. Even though she's worried about Heidi's reaction, Lauren tells her friend not to repeat the same mistakes she made with Jason. Heidi swears Spencer can't compare to her friend's situation, but a teary-eyed Lauren thinks Spence spells disaster. Over lunch with Spencer, Heidi spills the beans and shares Lauren's true feelings about him. Lauren hasn't enlisted on Team Spencer, and Heidi's afraid their friendship will suffer the consequences. Since he started off on the wrong foot with Lauren, Heidi tells her boy he needs to prove himself to her best friend. When Heidi returns home to the Villas, she presents Lauren with a dozen roses courtesy of Spencer. Although the flowers were originally meant for Heidi, she pawns them off as a peace offering. But, Lauren isn't impressed, asking if Audrina is going to receive a dozen long stems the next day. When Heidi heads out for a slumber party with Spencer, Lauren is less than thrilled. That night, Lauren heads to Audrina's for dinner. The two chat about Heidi's decision to keep up her relationship with Spencer, and agree that their friend is in over her head. When Lauren later talks over the situation with Whitney, it's clear that Lauren feels as though she's losing her best friend. In an effort to keep ties with her friends, Heidi heads to Area with Lauren and Spencer. The two are laughing and having a good time, but when Audrina and Lauren spot Spencer turning on the charm with yet another girl, Lauren wants to grab Heidi and bolt. On the way out, Spencer pulls Lauren aside. He hopes to make peace, trying to explain his side, but only ends up alienating Lauren even more by yelling at her. As Lauren gets in a cab to go home, Heidi comforts Spence and he swears he'll never go near Lauren again. Since desperate times call for desperate measures, Lauren tries approaching Brody about the situation. Almost in tears, she tries to explain her side of the story. Brody wishes she'd let the couple be, but Lauren can't let Spencer's past transgressions go. Back at the apartment, Heidi decides to bite the bullet and approach Lauren. While Heidi is upset the two have been distant, Lauren says she regrets ever opening her mouth about Spencer. Although Heidi argues that Lauren's the most important person in her world, Lauren argues she should be devoting more time to her. Heidi hates the awkwardness, but makes the situation even more heated when she confesses the roses from Spencer weren't really meant for Lauren. After hitting her breaking point, Lauren storms away, and Heidi starts packing her bags for a stay at Spencer's.